World’s most portable molecular diagnostics system unveiled at AACC

Cepheid and FIND unveiled the GeneXpert Omni, the world's most portable molecular diagnostics system enabling unprecedented access to accurate, fast and potentially life-saving diagnosis for patients suspected of TB, HIV and Ebola in even the most remote areas of the world.

At just 9 inches tall (about 23 cm) and weighing just 2.2 pounds (about 1kg), the GeneXpert Omni will run the same high quality PCR-based cartridge tests as Cepheid's existing family of GeneXpert Systems.  Additionally, the GeneXpert Omni is battery-operated, wireless and web-enabled, setting a new standard in connectivity to transmit instrument and test information in real-time.  The GeneXpert Omni is expected to substantially extend the reach of Cepheid's industry-leading technology platform, enabling true point-of-care testing for life-threatening conditions, including tuberculosis, drug-resistant tuberculosis, HIV and Ebola, to be conducted on demand at the patient's location.

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