Words and Deeds: Greenway Health’s First Pillar to Serve

The story of Greenway Health is a story of change. It’s a story of partnerships. It’s a story of converging missions coming together to focus upon the needs of the healthcare industry. 

In the first interview of our "Voices of Greenway Health" series, I spoke with Robin Hackney, Chief Marketing Officer. She provided an extensive outline of Greenway Health's past and its evolving vision of its future. In particular, we learned about the company's mission to "serve, connect and care." For the second part of our "Voices of Greenway Health" series, I spoke with Tina Graham, Senior Vice President, Revenue Services, Greenway Health, to develop a deeper understanding of how she and her revenue cycle team strive every day to approach their work in a manner that embodies their company's first mission pillar to "serve" – to serve its physician base, their patients and the healthcare community as a whole.

Graham has around 20 years experience in healthcare. She started out working at a health maintenance organization (HMO), on the payors side. "It was interesting for me because it gave me a good background on how payors work and how they set up all of the rules that adjudicate claims and some of the technical nuances of those things," said Graham. She then transitioned into a company that provided software tools to payors to help them manage their workflows and to manage claims adjudication, claims entries, etc. From there, she moved on to serve as Chief Operations Officer for a company called SuccessEHS in Birmingham, Alabama, where she performed many technical and customer-facing tasks. After multiple acquisitions and mergers, Grahams moved to her current position at Greenway Health. 

(Editor’s note: To hear audio excerpts of this interview, click on the media player buttons that run throughout this article. Part three of this four-part series will be published in February.)

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