WellDoc announces partnership with Human API to explore enhanced data integration capabilities for its BlueStar digital therapeutic

Digital health technology leader WellDoc today announced a collaboration with Human API, the fastest-growing health data platform, through which the two companies will explore the unique integration of type 2 diabetes patient health data within WellDoc’s BlueStar digital therapeutic. Human API’s data platform will provide WellDoc with real-time access to comprehensive clinical patient data -from its network of 15,000+ pharmacies, health systems and laboratories. The steady flow of data is shared within a highly secure environment that ensures protection of data and patient privacy.

“We are excited to partner with Human API and look forward to harnessing the power of its health technology platform to enhance our BlueStar digital therapeutic,” said WellDoc CEO Kevin McRaith. “Our companies have a unique synergy and are focused on capturing and relaying quality data that have the ability to help foster real and tangible outcomes to better the lives of patients. With the increased harmonization of this data through Human API, patients using BlueStar could obtain improved real-time feedback with greater convenience and their healthcare providers will have more accuracy when making decisions about ongoing care and treatment regimens.”

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