Voalte, Uber, SMH unite to help address patient transportation challenges

Voalte, a leader in healthcare communication technology, today announced at its inaugural client conference, VUE15, an initiative with Uber and Sarasota Memorial Health Care System, to create a new Voalte application that could make scheduling transportation easier for people who need a ride to their doctors’ or medical appointments.

Via Voalte Platform, the company’s latest communication platform, the new application will integrate with Uber’s internet-enabled platform to give a pilot group of Sarasota Memorial patients discharged from the hospital a convenient option to pre-arrange rides through Uber for physician visits, lab work, rehabilitation or other post-hospital care that has been recommended.

“Transportation can be a challenge for older patients who no longer drive and don’t have a family member or caregiver immediately available to take them to their appointments,” said David Verinder, president and CEO of Sarasota Memorial Health Care System. “Voalte has been a reliable partner in other health communication endeavors, and we appreciate Uber’s national focus on health, quality and convenience. Our goal is to work with them to develop a solution that breaks down one of the barriers we know prevents patients from important follow-up care.”

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