Voalte, Uber, SMH unite to help address patient transportation challenges

Voalte, a leader in healthcare communication technology, today announced at its inaugural client conference, VUE15, an initiative with Uber and Sarasota Memorial Health Care System, to create a new Voalte application that could make scheduling transportation easier for people who need a ride to their doctors’ or medical appointments.

Via Voalte Platform, the company’s latest communication platform, the new application will integrate with Uber’s internet-enabled platform to give a pilot group of Sarasota Memorial patients discharged from the hospital a convenient option to pre-arrange rides through Uber for physician visits, lab work, rehabilitation or other post-hospital care that has been recommended.

“Transportation can be a challenge for older patients who no longer drive and don’t have a family member or caregiver immediately available to take them to their appointments,” said David Verinder, president and CEO of Sarasota Memorial Health Care System. “Voalte has been a reliable partner in other health communication endeavors, and we appreciate Uber’s national focus on health, quality and convenience. Our goal is to work with them to develop a solution that breaks down one of the barriers we know prevents patients from important follow-up care.”

Voalte, Sarasota Memorial and Uber will spend the next year refining and testing the app with a target group of Sarasota Memorial patients interested in the Uber option.

“The pilot program is a great example of the broader utility of Uber,” said Matthew Gore, General Manager, Uber Florida.

“Uber is a lot more than a transportation app. It is a platform that is meant to be utilized to help address local industry and community challenges,” said Gore. “This innovative initiative with Voalte and Sarasota Memorial Health Care System is a great example of how communities can leverage Uber’s local infrastructure and logistics to help improve the lives of those in need.”

Trey Lauderdale, founder and CEO of Voalte, said while the immediate goal is to offer assistance to the families of Sarasota County, the new app is meant long-term to serve as a model for other areas of the country facing their own healthcare transportation issues.

“Sarasota Memorial has been a valued partner over the past seven years, and we’re excited to continue to collaborate with them on the next phase of value-added solutions enabled by Voalte Platform,” said Lauderdale. “We are thrilled to incorporate Uber in our continuous efforts to improve patient care coordination.” 

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