Verisk Health announces rebrand to Verscend Technologies

Verisk Health, a leader in data-driven healthcare solutions, announced today its rebranding to VerscendTechnologies, (Verscend). "The name Verscend is an important milestone on our path to be an independent organization and a tribute to our future as a stand-alone entity," said Dr. Emad Rizk, Verscend's CEO. "The name Verscend implies growth, ascension, momentum and symbolizes the company's commitment to optimize healthcare and create better outcomes. This is a major step in the company's transition and will enable Verscend to focus on integrating and enhancing its industry-leading solutions to deliver intelligence that drives action."

As part of this transition, Dr. Rizk, a seasoned healthcare executive with a 25-year track record of success working with payers and government entities, joined the company as CEO. His considerable experience, deep belief in analytics, and innovative vision for the future healthcare economy uniquely qualify him to lead Verscend to new heights.

Dr. Rizk said, "Verscend is at the forefront of better, smarter, more integrated analytic solutions that create real value in the new era of healthcare. Over the next few years, commercial and government payers will become increasingly more dependent upon the combination of cost, risk, and quality. Driven by data and led by experience, we anticipate the challenges of tomorrow and apply insights to create quantifiable value and greater efficiency."

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Verisk Health, Verscend


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