Unexpected opportunities during cloud migration

Migrating means moving, and for a great deal of people, moving is a daunting prospect. But just as professional movers can be hired to do most of the heavy lifting, services exist that ease the work of migrating to the cloud – and reap a number of unexpected opportunities.

Start with a plan in hand and an end in mind.

As with most journeys, planning is a wise first step. Bringing in a cloud migration partner early on can make this an enlightening process with lasting value.

Top migration services to consider:

  • Pre-migration server and enterprise discovery assessments. These can be as simple as a review of your existing servers with an itemized list of tasks and costs for migrating each one, to a thorough project management approach to moving a comprehensive enterprise IT infrastructure to the cloud.
  • Discovery and application dependency mapping. A complete inventory of applications mapped to user groups, priority of availability and dependency with other applications and processes gives many organizations the first true “inventory” they’ve performed in years, maybe ever.
  • Automated cloud migration. Powerful, hardware and software-agnostic automation tools fast-track even large enterprise cloud migrations.
  • Physical to virtual transformation. This service assures data makes a seamless transition to the right scale of virtual infrastructure (which typically has a much smaller footprint).
  • Web server migration. No matter the existing development platform, hosting provider or content management system, this service executes a smooth transition of websites and web servers to the cloud with a minimum of downtime – and afterward, a new scalability for receiving even the largest data sets.

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