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Uberification of healthcare: A mutation towards consumer centric health

Given the ever-rising cost and not-so-ever-rising quality of healthcare, our healthcare ecosystem is now in need of massive change. Some characterize this change as an evolution, while some believe slow evolution is not the answer and a revolution is needed. Yet others believe systemic mutations in how we perceive and consume healthcare is what is needed. One such mutation is an on-demand, crowdsourced focus on the patient and each interaction with that patient, a concept we refer to as ‘Uberification’. The Uberification of healthcare may provoke change towards a more consumer centric healthcare ecosystem.

Over the years, advances in the field of medicine have undoubtedly led to better clinical capabilities. Often times, however, the challenge remains simply that of access. In the U.S. healthcare system, many patients simply lack access because they are not able to physically transport themselves to healthcare facilities. Such non-clinical aspects of care can be key levers that transform the cost and clinical outcomes for patients towards a more consumer centric healthcare system.

Challenges of access have long been known with some studies estimating the cost of missed medical appointments in the U.S. to be upwards of $150 billion annually. Transportation remains a key challenge for many patients especially as doctor deserts (ex. dual eligible population) remain a reality in many geographies.

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