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Tips for getting telehealth across the finish line

Every Hospital IT Director knows that you can have the best technology on the market, but it’s essentially useless if your doctors and clinical staff aren’t using it effectively. You’ve likely seen this play out in your hospital with a new app or technology solution that was supposed to make lives easier, but due to an onerous implementation or ineffective staff training it never had a chance to deliver value.

Hospital IT leaders are being pressed to improve patient outcomes through faster care delivery, and telehealth solutions are critical to realizing this vision within existing budgets. But many healthcare executives are finding it challenging to get clinical staff and physicians on board with telehealth, with many seeing it as a burden and a less efficient way to deliver care. In fact, a recent survey from Avizia entitled “Closing the Telehealth Gap” found that 25 percent of respondents cited clinician resistance as a key barrier to implementing telemedicine solutions.

To close the gap, IT leaders need to see telehealth through the eyes of their clinical colleagues. To convince them of telehealths value focus on the things that matter to physicians the most, making more money, getting home earlier and improving patient care.

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