Three reasons to rethink your recovery strategy after Dell/EMC become one

Although the $67 billion acquisition by Dell of EMC is not yet complete, you should already be evaluating your data recovery infrastructure.

When announced, acquisitions are always touted as the greatest thing ever for clients. But once the dust settles and the headlines in the technology press fade, the reality is that clients often get screwed over by higher pricing, the sunsetting of similar products and the loss of familiar sales/support personnel.

Admittedly, those worst-case scenarios may not happen with this acquisition, and for the sake of your company’s critical data I hope not. But the low-hanging fruit that’s cut after any merger may be the product you count on to store your data or the tech support person you’ve trusted for years.

Below are three reasons why you should evaluate your recovery options in the wake of the Dell/EMC merger:

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