The print station: The forgotten frontier for data breaches

Stealing personal information by printing it is nothing new, but most organizations probably don’t focus on it as a risk. In reality, 70 percent of businesses admit to experiencing one or more print-related data breaches and violations to data protection legislation could lead to fines of up to $850,000 in serious cases. More than three-quarters (76 percent) of organizations indicate that printing is critical or important to their business activities. So why do less than a quarter of businesses have a print security strategy? One possible explanation is that most news headlines put the focus on hackers or trusted insiders stealing digital files and not printed documents.

Case-in-point, a recent breach at the Montefiore Medical Center in New York received little media attention but offers an important reminder not to overlook the need for securing printers. In this situation, an employee stole names, addresses, dates of birth, Social Security numbers as well as the information of family members and health insurance details of more than 12,000 patients. The information was used to purchase clothing and other merchandise from some of New York’s finest department stores. The Montefiore employee was a trusted insider who sold the stolen information to a ring of seven others who perpetrated the crimes.

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