The physician liaison: Empowering physicians in the evolving healthcare industry

In the world of healthcare today, physicians and other providers face more demands on their time than ever before. As healthcare moves toward outcome-based payments and focus is on the Triple Aim (cost, quality and outcomes), a healthcare organization’s core of effective and engaged physicians become keys to efficiency and revenue growth. By keeping physician referrals “in-house”, the organization can significantly improve the continuity of care and impact patient outcomes.

According to an April 2016 study published by Merritt-Hawkins, a national physician search firm, each physician is worth an average of $1,560,688 a year in net revenue per hospital.

Enter the Physician Liaison – part salesperson, part customer service agent and part consultant. Hospitals, health systems and other healthcare organizations have often used physician liaisons to strengthen the ties that bond. The liaisons are charged, in part with establishing and maintaining good relations with the cadre of physicians working in their communities. As such, these liaisons often visit with physicians to provide updates on hospital services and to ensure that they are satisfied with the hospital’s level of service. It’s part of a strategy that goes a long way in not only keeping physicians happy with the hospital or health system, but also leads to business growth.

Acting as the hospitals’ sales representative to the local community physicians and other providers, the physician liaison is responsible for promoting the core offerings and other specialty services of the organization to those community practitioners with the primary goal of attracting and retaining those providers.

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