The first step of our long, exciting journey: A note from the editor

Welcome to the launch of HIT Leaders and News.

I hope that you soon see the value of making our site of constantly-updated collections of editorial features and news releases a daily-required visit. I also hope you recognize, in both our journalistic approach and the nature of the content we present, that our driving desire to interact with each and every sphere of healthcare IT is the nexus of everything we do. 

Our staff wants to thank each contributor to our launch for their willingness to put their names alongside ours as we begin our open-ended investigation in the evolving states of healthcare IT. To learn that so many in our profession share our feelings regarding the need for new discussions and new collaborations in healthcare is both humbling and inspiring. We are certain that many new voices will join ours in the months and years to come. However, we will never forget the first few who saw us a leap of faith, and not a job of stupid. 

For those of you unfamiliar with us, the purpose of our work is to provide a forum for anyone with a compelling insight into the current and future states of healthcare IT. When we say anyone, we mean it. We understand that we are all, at one time or another, impacted by the evolution of healthcare IT, and the ever-growing reach of technology must be both embraced as well as scrutinized by everyone – no matter their background or their personal self-interest.

I assure you that we will present viewpoints that other HIT publications reject as being either too far out of the bounds of our current technological environments, or for not being tied to a "big enough" player in the industry. We are too smart to repeat these sorts of mistakes. 

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