The evolution of the vendor neutral archive: ECM

We’ve seen a buzz around the transition from PACS to vendor neutral archives (VNA) but how does this fit into the next generation electronic health record (EHR)? Healthcare organizations might already own the answer to their imaging dilemma.

When each clinical specialty area stores its own clinical content, hospitals end up with different storage solutions in every department. These information silos make sharing clinical data cumbersome, requiring staff to transfer image files to CDs, DVDs or flash drives and physically send them where they need to go.

Vendor neutral archives provide healthcare organizations with a single storage platform that standardizes and centralizes medical imaging studies from multiple vendors, eliminating the need to support an additional system.

VNAs serve an excellent purpose – simplifying our incredibly complex medical imaging landscape. However, what if you could make it even easier? Patient care doesn’t start and end with imaging, there is a lot of information and data captured before a patient even sees a clinician, and perhaps even more afterwards.

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