Texas hospital retrofits X-ray systems with DRX detectors to speed image access in trauma center

Shannon Medical Center (San Angelo, Texas) installed three CARESTREAM DRX-1 Detectors to help achieve rapid image access for existing portable and room-based X-ray units that serve patients in its trauma center, ICU, and surgical suites. The 250-bed hospital is the largest hospital in the area and conducts 140,000 X-ray, CT and MR exams a year.

The facility’s DRX detectors are deployed in three portable diagnostic imaging systems used in the ER, surgical suites and inpatient areas, as well as an X-ray room in the ER.

“The DRX detectors enable physicians to view high-quality images in seconds while Carestream’s specialized software creates a companion image that shows enhanced visualization of tubes, lines, catheters and other devices,” said Mark Halfmann, the hospital’s PACS Administrator. “Both the speed and visualization capabilities help physicians provide optimized diagnosis and treatment for our patients.”

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