TeleTracking and GE Healthcare collaborate to improve hospital operations

With a shared vision of reducing waste, optimizing hospital operations, and improving care delivery, GE Healthcare and TeleTracking Technologies,  announce a new collaboration agreement.

The collaboration enables GE to place greater focus on its asset and workforce optimization solutions while leveraging TeleTracking's top ranked patient flow solutions and integrated operational platform. The two companies will work together to transition all interested clients currently on GE patient flow solutions to suitable TeleTracking solutions. Additionally, GE and TeleTracking will look to drive improved operational outcomes while reducing the cost burden placed on providers.

Over time, the two companies will help health systems drive further operational efficiencies through shared data and analytics. Larger data sets from multiple technology sources – including, among others, asset management, hand hygiene compliance monitoring, bed and patient tracking, and staff scheduling – will provide hospital leaders with more detailed insights to improve daily operations and patient access. The collaboration also leverages both companies' strengths in real-time location enablement.

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