Technology’s impact on the patient lifecycle

From digestible sensors and wearables to provider relationship software, it’s safe to say the goal behind the vast majority of today’s healthcare innovations is centered on improving the patient lifecycle. While inefficiencies run rampant in the day-to-day doctor-patient interaction, as an off-and-on patient myself, I’ve begun to experience the benefits of better patient care as a result of some of these new technologies and processes.

During my last trip to the doctor, for example, I noticed quite the transformation. For starters, my physician’s iPad accompanied him on this visit. He feverishly typed notes while we were talking and with one tap he sent dual notifications to my insurance company and pharmacist. Thanks to workflow automation technology operating behind the scenes, my prescription was set up instantly and earmarked for a home delivery the next day. To me, convenience is the epitome of satisfaction, so needless to say I was delighted.

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