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Sepsis awareness beyond September

As September draws to a close, so does this year’s “Sepsis Awareness Month.” 

With the hopes of extending attention beyond this month on a condition that kills someone every 2 minutes in America, we reached out to Sean Benson, Vice President and General Manager of Specialized Surveillance, Wolters Kluwer Health, to learn more about sepsis’ impacts and the factors hospital administrators ought to consider when creating an effective plan of action to improve health outcomes and lower cost at the same time. 

Mr. Benson co-founded ProVation Medical, now part of Wolters Kluwer Health, in 1994. He has been closely involved in most areas of the company’s operations, including Research & Development, Product Management, Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Client Services. Most recently, he has overseen the company’s newest clinical surveillance platform, POC Advisor.

(Editor’s note: To hear audio excerpts of this interview, click on the media player buttons that run throughout this article.)

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The importance of speed of critical care – learnings from sepsis awareness month

Daria Byrne, Vice President of Product Management, PeraHealth

Written by: Daria Byrne

While not widely recognized or understood by the general population, sepsis, a serious medical condition caused by an immune response to infection according to the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, has a significant impact on U.S. healthcare. Not only is sepsis a major patient safety concern, but it is also the leading cause of hospital mortality and the nation’s third leading cause of death. In fact, sepsis contributes to one in every two to three deaths, resulting in 258,000 patient deaths each year. Moreover, it’s considered the most expensive condition to treat in the U.S. healthcare system, costing more than $24 billion each year.

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