Survey reveals data analytics remains top challenge for health IT industry

For the second year in a row, the annual Health IT Industry Outlook Survey, designed to highlight industry trends and pain points, revealed that data analytics tops the list of challenges for health IT professionals (chief information officers, chief medical information officers, IT directors and consultants.) In fact, thirty-three percent of respondents identified data analytics and business intelligence as the hottest topic for 2016.

These results reflect that healthcare leaders are now recognizing the value in effective use of statistical data and trends to improve financial performance and patient outcomes. In addition, results show that they are influenced by enhanced data visualization capabilities advancing over the past few years. With greater ease in end-user understanding and proactive interpretation, actionable data insights tie into the success of population health management and value-based care initiatives promoted across the healthcare industry. Additionally, more accessible data, that is both reliable and comprehensive, allows providers to have timely evidence to support decisions for safer care.

Below is an overview of specific data challenges and implications revealed by the survey and suggestions for how they can be addressed.

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