Studer Group releases results of physician burnout survey

Studer Group, a Huron Healthcare solution, today announced the results of a survey focused on the prevalence of physician burnout in healthcare. Of the more than 350 practicing physicians who completed the survey, 90-percent stated they have experienced symptoms of burnout at some point in their career. The anonymous and voluntary survey launched in October 2015 and closed in December 2015.

“There’s no question that burnout among physicians is high and rising, which is not only bad for physicians and their families, but it’s bad for patients too,” says Studer Group Executive Medical Director, Rob Schreiner, MD. “Studer Group is working hard to reverse that national trend by diagnosing and treating root causes, and helping our partner organizations deploy changes in physician workflow and culture that prevent physician burnout.”

As part of Studer Group’s mission to make healthcare better for physicians to practice, the survey was created to gain the perspective of practicing physicians on the impact of burnout and what can be done to mitigate burnout.

The results support evidence that suggests the trend of burnout could result in a future shortage of physicians in the United States. Of those survey respondents that stated they have experienced burnout, 65-percent say they sometimes consider leaving medicine. More than half of respondents also said their leaders are not actively taking steps to prevent burnout.

View complete findings from the survey:

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