StartUp Health Academy accepts 100th company

From the stage at Health Datapalooza in Washington, DC today where it launched four years ago, StartUp Health, a global health innovation company for Healthcare Transformers, announced it has accepted 12 new startups to its Academy. With 102 portfolio companies and over 200 entrepreneurs from 10 countries, StartUp Health Academy has organized both the largest community of digital health companies and the largest peer network of healthcare entrepreneurs focused on transforming health and wellness.

“We launched StartUp Health four years ago at Health Datapalooza with the vision to transform healthcare by organizing a community of entrepreneurs passionate about fixing what’s broken,” said Steven Krein, CEO of StartUp Health. “What started as a dream, has quickly turned into reality as this family of more than 100 companies and 200 entrepreneurs in StartUp Health Academy charges forward everyday to reinvent the future of health and wellness.

StartUp Health Academy companies are solving some of healthcare’s critical problems through new technologies and innovative business models. The newest portfolio companies present solutions to a broad range of modern health issues including access to care and aging with vitality and hail from countries including Sweden and Turkey and states across the US from Florida and New York to Mississippi and New Mexico.

New StartUp Health Academy Companies:

BioClaim – Patented Biometric Health Care Fraud Solution
(Location: Deerfield Beach, FL; Subsector: Payor Solutions)
Cofounders Phil Homburger and Scott Kimmel are saving payors from spending billions on fraudulent medical claims each year. BioClaim connects providers’ front desks to the payor in real time and is integrated into EMRs to protect patients and hospitals from medical identity theft.

BreathResearch – Cardiorespiratory Testing Platform; Anytime, Anywhere
(Location: Walnut Creek, CA; Subsector: Patient Engagement/Wellness)
Founder Nirinjan Yee is passionate about consumers having a healthy heart and lungs. Her BreathResearch technology uses a headset to test and track cardiorespiratory fitness anytime, anywhere without the need for large and expensive cardiopulminary equipment.

Dotri – Reimagining Physical Therapy Delivery
(Location: Los Alamos, NM; Subsector: Provider Solutions)
Dotri is committed to engaging and managing physical therapy patients in the comfort of their own homes. Cofounders Rohan Loveland, PhD, Maria Schneider, Prashant Jain, PhD, and Alex MacDonnell developed a platform that utilizes mobile sensors to record EMG biofeedback and track the details and results of remote physical therapy sessions.

HealthTour – Making Medical Trips Safe and Easy
(Location: Istanbul, Turkey; Subsector: Care Access & Navigation)
An international hub for medical tourism, HealthTour’s Paramount Medical is for patients who need better access to care abroad. Cofounders Kursat Ozel and Eser Yogurtcu have signed over 50 clinics to their service and offer clients convenient packages with service bundles.

Jojnts – Evidence Based Digital Therapy for Your Joints
(Location: Malmo, Sweden; Subsector: Patient Consumer Experience/Patient Engagement)
Jojnts is changing the face of osteoarthritis treatment through evidence based digital therapy.Cofounders Jakob Dahlberg, Leif Dahlberg and Carina Thorstensson, MD have tested their monitoring and treatment platform on over 40,000 patients with 85% of users feeling substantially better after the 6 week program.

MedXCom – Bringing Night Call Technology Into the 21st Century
(Location: Bedminster, NJ; Subsector: Provider Solutions)
Cofounders Henry Kane, Annette Nusbaum, MD, Michael Nusbaum, MD and Michael Rothkopf, MD are creating an improved night call communications platform. For physicians, by physicians, MedXCom is a hybrid voice and text alternative to traditional live operator night call.

Pregistry – Ensuring Safe Pregnancies Through Data
(Location: Los Angeles, CA; Subsector: Pharma Solutions)
Pregistry is on a mission to protect women by assessing the safety of prescription medications and vaccines used during pregnancy and lactation. Cofounders Diego Wyszynski and Kristine Shields are using their extensive pharmaceutical experience to provide pharma companies authoritative information about the safety of their products.

PsyInnovations – Mental Healthcare Made Accessible
(Location: New York, NY; Subsector: Patient Engagement & Wellness)
Cofounders Ritvik Singh, Navya Singh, PhD and Stan Miroshnikov have a goal to improve the daily lives of patients suffering from stress and anxiety. PsyInnovation’s wayForward was developed in part by a clinical psychologist and provides algorithmbased therapy and a live therapist at a fraction of the cost of traditional treatment.

Room2Care – Shared Senior Living for Affordable Senior Care
(Location: Miami, FL; Subsector: Care Coordination)
Room2Care is out to transform the senior care market. Cofounders Todd Florin, MD and Richard Ashenoff II provide an online marketplace that enables intergenerational living for aging patients. Through shared senior care, Room2Care is less than half the cost of traditional facilities and allows for greater independence of users.

Skindroid – Intelligent Skin Biosensors for Wearables
(Location: Starkville, MS; Subsector: Patient Engagement & Wellness)
Cofounders Somair Riaz, MD and Winston Capel, MD are bringing a new generation of wearable to athletes and health consumers. With backgrounds in neurosurgery and software development, their team is using biosensors to detect and measure biomolecules from users’ skin for advanced warning of electrolyte depletion or muscle breakdown.

Stethos – Digitally Integrated Stethoscope
(Location: New York, NY; Subsector: Provider Solutions)
Smart stethoscope Stethos brings high quality diagnostics and teaching tools to to providers. Cofounders Joseph Habbouse, MD, Aman Aminzay, MD and Jason Simeral are using their medical and entrepreneurship experience to build a stethoscope with superior sound fidelity and seamless integration into EMR systems.

Virtual Viewbox – Medical Collaboration & Interoperability Platform
(Location: San Antonio, TX; Subsector: Provider Solutions)
Serial entrepreneur Douglas Smith, MD is on a mission to foster collaboration between medical providers and medicolegal attorneys. His workspace allows both parties to legally access electronic medical records for collaborating on treatment plans and networking with other medical and legal professionals.

StartUp Health Stats as of June 2015
Total Companies: 102
Total Raised to Date: $200M+
Countries Represented: 10 (Brazil, Canada, India, Ireland, Israel, Spain, Sweden, Turkey,
UAE, United States)
International Companies: 17%
Physician/Practitioner Founders: 44%
Serial Entrepreneurs: 33%
Women Founders: 33%
Seed Accelerator Grads: 20%
Total Acquisitions: 4 (Gritness by Under Armour in May 2015, Basis Science by Intel in 2014, Avado by WebMD in 2013, Arpeggi by Gene by Gene in 2013)
The digital health sector is maturing, with Q1 2015 seeing more large deals at later stages than ever before. Download the StartUp Health Insights report:

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