Spok unveils two-way pager with encryption capabilities

Spok,  a global leader in enterprise critical communications, today announced the availability of the T52 pager. The T52 pager supports communication with smartphones, pagers, handhelds, PCs, and other two-way devices, allowing care teams to stay connected regardless of the devices in use. With the enabled encryption service from Spok, the T52 is the only two-way pager on the market that supports secure messaging and helps healthcare organizations meet HIPAA compliance requirements.

“Hospitals realize that pursuing one device for all types of roles and communications is not practical,” said Vincent D. Kelly, president and chief executive officer of Spok Holdings, Inc. “A broad, flexible, and device-neutral communications infrastructure is the best foundation for swift, cost effective care coordination. With encrypted communication options, like the T52 and Spok Mobile secure text messaging app, healthcare organizations can support device preference, while ensuring HIPAA compliance.”

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AES-128 encryption algorithm, HIPAA, Spok, T52 pager


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