Spok takes healthcare communications conference on the road

Spok’s annual healthcare communications conference is offering attendees something fresh this year. Instead of one event, Connect 16 will be a series of day-long programs held in six locations around the country, with the theme of “On the Road: Continuing the Conversation.” Like the annual gathering, the Connect 16 events will provide a lively forum for healthcare leaders and industry experts to share innovative ideas and discuss trends in healthcare communications.

“We decided to hold regional conferences this year in an effort to bring the best of our annual event to more people,” said Vincent D. Kelly, chief executive officer of Spok. “These one-day gatherings will offer all the key elements from our national event, including industry trend sessions, case studies, networking, and opportunities to learn more about Spok’s plans for the future.”

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Connect 16, Spok, “On the Road: Continuing the Conversation”


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