Six ICD-10 readiness questions small practices need to answer

According to findings from a 2014 Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange survey, delaying the ICD-10 implementation date into 2015 was more of a detriment for small practices. They relaxed their efforts instead of using the time to further advance their plans, test and make changes they need to be compliant.

If you’re a small practice, it’s understandable how challenging it can be to even start thinking about what the forthcoming effect of ICD-10 will be on your business. After years of working with and talking to dedicated doctors, coders and office managers who keep the small practice running, I encourage you to just get started. Whether you’ve taken a few small steps or haven’t made any moves at all, arm yourself with these six key questions. Answer them and you will begin a process of learning through experience about how the shift to ICD-10 will affect your technology, people and processes. It’s also critical to understand is that unlike any other previous industry changes, the burden of readiness really does lie in the hands of the small practice.

#1 Have you started your ICD-10 process?

If you work for a small practice and haven’t started to prepare for the ICD-10 transition, it’s critical to know that the lion’s share of work to shift to ICD-10 is not something you can expect your software vendor to handle. Many vendors are working overtime to provide tools and resources to their customers, but it’s up to the small practice to use those tools. Preparedness for the transition to ICD-10 rests squarely on the shoulders of the small practice and getting engaged now will help a practice’s employees learn by doing.

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