Revenue boosters that really work – and help patients pay their bills

Until recently, payers and employers managed most healthcare costs on behalf of the patient. Today the public is being primed to take on more financial responsibility for their own care, with high deductibles and co-insurance among the most notable drivers.

Provider organizations have deep experience in helping lead patients through difficult discussions about their health. The same cannot be said for communicating complex financial issues. How can providers collect more upfront, without alienating their patients? Discussions that results from this question put many patients and providers on unfamiliar – and uncomfortable – ground. But the reality is that if patient payments are not captured upfront, they probably won’t be captured at all.

New tools and strategies can simplify these interactions with clear and accurate information. Most importantly, they can instill a new sense of confidence in patients in their ability to pay for care. Just as important, these strategies will enable a unique opportunity to lead patients through a new and daunting learning curve: the real cost of care and how to pay for it.

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