Refreshing HIMSS EMRAM requirements

The HIMSS Analytics Acute Care Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM) – which measures healthcare provider organizations’ technology adoption progress on an eight-stage scale – is more than a decade old. While the model has helped steer hospitals toward greater technology utilization, the time for change has arrived.

With EMRAM leading the way, the journey toward greater technology adoption in healthcare has been well worth the effort.

This year is my 35th anniversary as a nurse. I remember the challenges of paper charts. The days when I needed the chart to reference something but another clinician had the chart – sometimes for hours. It was challenging at times to get a total picture of the patient from the fragmented paper record. Much of our information that was shared was through verbal communication, not written anywhere for reference.

I am a supporter of helping hospitals move to HIMSS Stage 7 because I see value in the EMRAM guidelines. I have seen medication errors decrease due to closed-loop medication administration and clinical decision support. Coordinated care between clinicians is now the standard and not the exception thanks to technology.

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