Qvera releasing QIE Standard, a full-function free interface engine for health information exchange

Introducing a significant advancement for addressing the high cost of interoperability in the electronic exchange of healthcare information, Qvera announces that its interface engine ‘QIE Standard’ will soon be available at no charge. Qvera is demoing QIE Standard at HiMSS, Booth #4881.

QIE Standard gives small, medium and large healthcare enterprises unprecedented access to an easy to use, fully featured interoperability solution without the high costs for acquisition, licensing, maintenance and management.

“We agree the cost of interoperability within healthcare is too expensive,” said Sam Shapiro, President and CEO of Qvera. “We seized the opportunity to remove the cost barrier and make QIE Standard available to everyone. Currently, practices have to choose between either an expensive engine or an open source solution with limited functionality. We decided against limiting the functionality in QIE Standard. Instead, it will be limited in scalability only and when customers outgrow QIE Standard, there are easy and cost effective upgrade options for the Enterprise version.”

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