PwC launches new offerings to advance innovation in healthcare

PwC today announced the launch of DoubleJump Health, a consumer health accelerator that speeds the pace of innovation in person-centered health and brings medical and scientific breakthroughs to the market more quickly. There are two solutions that are first to launch: DoubleJump Interchange, aimed at breaking down barriers for ecosystem collaboration, data integration and analysis; and Bodylogical from DoubleJump Health, which will help predict chronic health outcomes at an individual and population level.

“We believe that in order to thrive in the New Health Economy, businesses need more than a competitive edge. They must accelerate—even leapfrog—innovation. And that’s where DoubleJump Health comes in,” said Kelly Barnes, partner, PwC Health Industries practice leader. “PwC’s investment in this area is game-changing for our clients and the healthcare industry in order to meet the complex challenges of the future.”

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