Pri-Med uses patient panel data to create Precision CME

Pri-Med, a source for continuing medical education (CME) to over 275,000 primary care providers (PCPs), announced the launch of Precision CME, a data-informed learning platform that uses clinician practice patterns as the basis for personalized clinical education. Steward Health Care System, a national leader in accountable care, will begin offering Precision CME to its primary care providers beginning in Q3 2015.

The proprietary Precision CME engine uses actual practice patterns to deliver personalized CME to providers who care for patients covered under risk and pay-for-performance contracts. Clinicians can access evidence-based learning at Pri-Med’s Peer-2-Peer conferences or via Panel Insights, an iPad App that is similarly fueled by ACO source data. Education (and outcomes) are mapped against Quality Measures, creating a continuous cycle of data-informed assessment, personalized learning, and constructive feedback to help providers improve health outcomes and reduce costs.

“With Medicare’s aggressive goal of tying 50 percent of reimbursements to Quality Measures by the end of 2018, helping PCPs understand their practice patterns in the context of patient risk is essential,” said John Sheehan, President and COO, DBC Pri-Med LLC. “Precision CME transforms the ‘top-down’ educational needs-assessment process into a ‘bottom-up’ personalized model that supports clinicians where they need it most.”

“As an organization, we seek new and innovative ways to improve outcomes and ensure our physicians have the tools necessary to meet the needs of their patients,” said Dr. Sanjay Shetty, President of Steward Health Care Network. “Precision CME provides us with a vehicle to deliver CME that is clinically relevant to the needs of our patients while also optimizing use of our providers’ time. This innovative approach ensures each physician gets customized education and will improve the care that we deliver as an integrated system.”

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