Patient Engagement Gets its Close-Up: On the Call with Bob Rossi, Vice President, Healthcare Sales, CDW Healthcare

As part of our "Countdown to HIMSS'16" series, we spoke with Bob Rossi, Vice President, Healthcare Sales, CDW Healthcare. We contacted him to get better insights into his organization's innovative work regarding patient engagement. In particular, we hoped to learn more about CDW Healthcare's Patient Engagement Perspectives Study. (If you are attending HIMSS'16, you can visit booth #3606 on Wednesday, March 2nd from 2:00pm - 3:00 pm and speak with C-suite executives focused on improving patient engagement.)

Some of the topics we discussed during our conversation included:

  • how patient engagement has evolved over the years in healthcare; 
  • the findings of CDW Healthcare's Patient Engagement Perspectives Study;
  • the need to educate patients with weaker technology skills so that they may truly benefit from IT solutions such as patient portals; and 
  • the impacts patient accountability and wearable will have upon patient engagement strategies in the future.

(Editor’s note: To hear audio excerpts of this interview, click on the media player buttons that run throughout this article.)

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