Patient-centered engagement requires a new mindset

Value-based care and retail health are moving patients to the center of the healthcare ecosystem. This has prompted a change in perspective. Modern patients are engaged, proactive consumers who collaborate with their providers to manage their conditions, treatments, and day-to-day wellness within the confines of a healthcare setting and beyond.

How are providers going to reach these patients effectively? How will they personalize communications with patients? How will this change behaviors or improve outcomes?

Like any other enterprise-wide initiative, patient engagement begins with setting strategic goals. For example, if an organization wants to reduce costs and improve clinical outcomes, then specific departmental objectives – such as increasing immunization and screening rates, improving HEDIS measures, or reducing hospital readmissions – will need to support the larger strategic goal.

The challenge is to keep each department from reinforcing a silo mentality – pursuing separate approaches or investing in disparate solutions to support discreet initiatives. The Chief Patient Experience Officer (a role that is on the rise) or someone with an enterprise-view of the patient, should own the overarching strategy of how the organization is going to approach engagement from cultural, operational and technical points of view. This ensures patient-centered continuity, brand consistency and operational efficiency.

Technology, of course, plays a role. But such a significant shift in the provider-patient relationship is going to have cultural and workflow considerations.

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