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Optimizing the hospital data center, leveraging IT outsourcing to increase efficiency and flexibility

Today’s healthcare chief information officers (CIOs) are often managing a veritable mash-up of legacy, in-house, home-grown, server- and cloud-based systems, usually sitting on an aging infrastructure. They must balance resources and budgets to ensure they are delivering and continuously optimizing all of the services their customers need. With the shift to electronic medical records, they must deliver applications 24/7 to ensure high-quality clinical care.

While there are some large health systems that have the resources to optimize, manage and support all their data center needs with internal staff, many hospital CIOs are taking advantage of increasingly sophisticated outsourcing options that allow them to order from a virtual a la carte menu of solutions. As hospitals IT leaders adapt to changing reimbursement and value-based care models, many are choosing to outsource some or all of their IT environments. Partnering with a full service solutions provider allows them to optimize data center performance and improve efficiency, flexibility, care quality and reduce costs. 

Outsourcing can enhance flexibility, giving CIOs the ability to quickly add new capacity, capabilities and technology as business needs continue to evolve at a rapid pace. In order to combine in-house resources and external service providers to achieve the optimal levels of service, IT leaders should take a close look at their staff’s strengths and weaknesses, areas where their group performs well and where there has been a history of inconsistent service levels. This gap analysis can help identify where outsourcing can be a good fit to drive cost savings and efficiency.

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