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October was Just the Beginning: Moving Forward with ICD-10

For most in healthcare, ICD-10 was the ticking time bomb that never went off. What began with years of delays and blasé attitudes, ended with raising anxiety growing to such intensity that the industry collectively seemed to plug its ears and squeeze its eyes closed tightly as the calendar counted down to October 1, 2015.  

In my first interview with Diana Adam-Podgornik, we learned how Rochester Regional avoided the angst and anxiety most the industry felt and instead how they planned and prepared for ICD-10. For our second interview, Adam-Podgornik describes in detail how one of its vendor partners, Elsevier, served as a vital member of her organization's ICD-10 transition team. 

Free: Please describe the learning curve your staff experienced prior to the ICD-10 deadline and some of the benefits that you’re seeing since October.

Adam-Podgornik: As an HIM’er, I’m all about ICD-10. I’m all about codes, documentation and medical records standards, so I was eager to take on the change. For others in our health system, however, the learning curve was a bit scary. There was some push back from some areas when we began really tackling the transition away from ICD-9.

The key was knowing who our target training audience was and determining ahead of time who needed what as far as educational content. We had to identify who is really touching, pushing, pulling, entering and analyzing codes or documentation. That group required a bump in their level of learning and they needed a little deeper dive into education. You had peripheral staff that just needed more awareness. They needed to be able to understand that if they heard someone talking about the change that they knew a little bit about that subject. You don’t have to know everything, just that it’s out there.

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