Nurses agree EHRs improve patient safety

In a survey conducted by HIMSS Analytics on behalf of Allscripts, the majority of respondents agreed that electronic health records (EHRs) help improve patient safety, make it easier to find comprehensive patient information and enhance collaboration with clinicians inside their organizations.

The HIMSS Analytics Nursing Healthcare Satisfaction Study drew 626 respondents, all registered nurses who represent multiple EHR vendors, types of care settings and roles. Results include:

  • Nurses would not consider going back to paper-based medical records (71 percent)
  • Nurse respondents agree that EHR benefits are good for patient safety:
    • Improve patient safety and avoid medication errors (72 percent)
    • Enable collaboration with other clinicians inside their organizations (73 percent)
  • However, respondents were less likely to agree that EHRs help efficiency:
    • Enable collaboration with clinicians outside their organizations (49 percent)
    • Eliminate duplicate work (43 percent)
    • Give nurses more time with patients (33 percent)

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