New West Monroe Partners study finds the Age of the Traditional Doctor’s Office Visit is over

West Monroe Partners’, a full-service North American business and technology consultancy, latest study, No More Waiting Room: The Future of the Healthcare Customer Experience, reveals how consumers and healthcare insurance executives look at how technology is changing the healthcare customer experience. Eighty percent of consumers who have communicated real-time with their healthcare provider via a mobile app prefer this method over a traditional office visit, according to new research.

The study highlights how consumer preferences are shifting away from traditional office visits, toward more digital, mobile interactions. These changing habits are especially apparent among younger, tech-native consumers who view their healthcare experience as more than an annual checkup, but rather an ongoing, digitally connected relationship with their providers. However, healthcare providers and insurers are not prepared to meet these evolving needs.

“Healthcare providers realize the impact of digital communication channels and are beginning to adapt,” said Will Hinde, senior director at West Monroe Partners and leader of the firm’s Healthcare practice. “We’re starting to see more providers incorporate the digital experience with their office visit, by shifting to more online scheduling of appointments, paperless office interactions, following up via email, portals, and mobile apps, and taking steps towards greater cost and quality transparency.”

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