New web resource to help patients and families understand Johns Hopkins Medicine quality and safety data

Johns Hopkins Medicine released a user-friendly website for consumers that provides information and education surrounding its health system’s quality of care.

Available now on the Johns Hopkins Medicine website, the new resource educates site visitors about the patient experience and key safety issues associated with high-quality, respectful care. It also compares past and present performance data to national and state averages for the institution’s five adult inpatient hospitals and home health care group. The goal is to provide critical information about the safety of the institution in an accessible format that appeals to potential patients, helping them make important health care decisions. 

“Where you go for health care can have a profound impact on your health outcomes,” says Peter Pronovost, Senior Vice President for Patient Safety and Quality for Johns Hopkins Medicine and Director of the Johns Hopkins Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality. “Our patients and their families and loved ones deserve to be informed about the safety and quality of their health care. At Johns Hopkins Medicine, we are dedicated to continuously improving our safety efforts and sharing our performance data with our past, present and future patients and the communities we serve.”

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