New study shows healthcare industry lagging behind in software security

Cigital, an industry leader in software security solutions, released data today from BSIMM6, the latest from the industry’s first and only software security measurement tool built on real-world data. BSIMM6 also marks the addition of the healthcare industry, providing healthcare organizations a critical mass of data to help them assess, compare, and contrast their software security initiative with others in the industry. The data, following on the heels of the Anthem and UCLA Health data breaches, confirm underlying issues in healthcare software security practices.

Adding the healthcare industry deepens the BSIMM data set and provides a sharp view of the value of the BSIMM. The BSIMM data for healthcare clearly demonstrates that healthcare organizations lag in software security practices, falling significantly behind independent software vendors, financial services firms, and even consumer electronics providers. For healthcare organizations looking to address the problem, the BSIMM provides an objective measurement of an organization’s software security initiative and where these measurements fall within their industry. The data and associated context enable firms to plan a roadmap built on science to mature their software security initiative.

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