New social media platform allows patients to support one another in meaningful ways

A new social media site is giving individuals suffering with life-threatening or life-altering injuries and diseases the opportunity to gain support and strength from friends, family members and fellow patients online. allows patients to post their stories, create journals, update important events, upload photos and videos and chat 24 hours a day with a registered nurse. The most attractive feature is instant online chat with members dealing with similar health issues, giving these patients an important outlet as they deal with the enormous challenges of the disease or injury."When facing a difficult diagnosis, no one should ever feel alone, frightened or helpless," said Angela Rollins, creator of DXsharelife. "This social media platform is giving patients a 24-hour-a-day outlet, allowing them to grow, flourish and share their stories and resources with others. Patients can learn from one another and offer key support, giving all members the strength that comes with being part of a true community. I am thrilled to launch this site, as it has been a long time in the making."

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