New report from Kable – “Internet of Things (IoT): Technology, Outlook and Significance”

"Internet of Things (IoT): Technology, Outlook and Significance" is a new report by Kable that globally analyzes industry opinion on the implementation status of IoT technology or platform, and the challenges of adopting IoT solutions over the next three years. This report also examines executive opinions with regards to technology solutions needed for the implementation of IoT, and business advantages through IoT solutions. It analyzes the likely timespan for adopting IoT solutions in organizations, and understanding and familiarity about IoT. This report provides information about projected investment in IoT solutions over the next two years and key industries that are likely to implement IoT solutions within their organization in future.

Key findings

  • The majority of organizations have not yet implemented IoT technology or platform;
  • Mobile computing, Wi-Fi, and real time location tracking are crucial for organizations to implement IoT;
  • The highest percentage of executives indicate that no major change is required in the security program handling the implementation of IoT;
  • Organizations expect system integration, and privacy issues and security concerns to pose challenges in the implementation of IoT solutions over the next three years;
  • Organizations expect IoT solutions to improve customer experience and increase resource optimization;
  • Power and energy, logistics, and healthcare are expected to record significant implementation of IoT over the next two years.

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