Mobile is now a whole practice experience

For years there has been strong interest from physicians in having a truly mobile electronic health record (EHR) solution. In 2012, a survey from Beckers Orthopedic and Spine found that 91 percent of physicians were interested in mobile EHRs. However, adoption of mobile EHRs has been slower than that of traditional EHRs – until recently.

According to the latest Physicians Practice Technology Survey, 67 percent of healthcare providers at medical practices use mobile devices for purposes such as accessing EHRs. However, a 2015 Black Book Rankings study found that only one percent of primary care and internal medicine doctors feel they are maximizing the use of their mobile clinical and business applications.

This may be in part because they are only using it for clinical purposes, and many are now looking to expand access to more billing and practice management functions. In a recent survey of those in the market for new billing solution, 21 percent of respondents cited mobile billing as a key component for their next purchase. While that might seem small, it represents a fast-growing interest in a relatively new solution.

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