Millennials take the wheel: Driving healthcare to rethink patient experience and engagement

Millennials are driving companies and industries forward and forcing them to rethink the way they operate.

In full disclosure, I'm a Millennial. Some of you might refer to me as lazy, an entitled narcissist, or my personal favorite as being part of "Generation Me." Regardless of your personal sentiments, the reality is that Millennials are making a difference and using our unique experiences and values to have a positive effect on people's lives and significantly reshaping the business world.

Consider the cable industry and the evolution away from the traditional old-guard cable model. Many Millennials found themselves frustrated and simply fed up with cable companies – the service, the plan, the price – and the significant shift that occurred toward "cord-cutting" as a tech-savvy generation wished to view content on their phones and tablets and consume content whenever and wherever they want. Or think about the food industry as distrust for mega food manufacturers has turned the industry on its head. Millennials demand product transparency and only purchase from retailers and brands that prove to be trustworthy, authentic and ethical.

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