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Letter to doctor: Use market intelligence to sustain your practice

Thank you for giving me the best possible care over the last 11 months. For the price I paid out of pocket plus with insurance, I cannot imagine how you keep the lights on. From everything I read, I’m spending less than most who have this kind of problem and getting a better outcome. During my treatment, you took time to carefully tailor my medications to account for my allergies and walk me through the emotional and physically strenuous steps of multiple surgeries and rehabilitation. With all of this and your great bedside manner, it’s no surprise that your patient satisfaction scores are so high. 

During my recent visits, I’ve noticed less cars in your parking lot and fewer patients in your waiting room. In my last visit, I saw a sign that your practice is moving in a few months. You told me that you and your partners would love to stay in the current location, but patient volume had dropped to a financially unsustainable low. Unfortunately, your new office will be too far for me, so I am extremely motivated to figure out how to help you stay put. 

Here’s the deal: I want to see if I can help you increase the volume of patients that are coming to your practice.  To do this, there are three big questions to answer. First, who do patients see if they don’t see you?  Second, who is referring those patients to your competition? And third, who is referring your current patients to you? 

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