KLAS Report classifies Voalte as a strategic solution provider with the most robust interfacing

Voalte, a leader in healthcare communication technology, announced that it has been classified as a strategic solution provider with the most robust interfacing in a report published this month by the respected research firm, KLAS.

According to the KLAS report, "Secure Messaging 2015: First Look At Who Providers Are Considering and Why," vendors are either basic or strategic. They are considered strategic if they meet at least three of the four following criteria:

  • Average at least .5 interfaces per customer and have KLAS-validated interfaces with at least three different healthcare systems
  • Offer functionality beyond the basics necessary to be classified as a secure messaging solution
  • Have a healthcare background (e.g., offer other healthcare products, have a healthcare-specific mission)
  • Providers use the solution to accomplish more strategic goals.

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