Keystone Health Information Exchange develops technology for real-time delivery of patient information

The Keystone Health Information Exchange (KeyHIE), a network of more than 400 healthcare facilities in 53 counties of Pennsylvania, recently launched intelligent “push” technology to deliver – in real time – critical information to its participating doctors and health care providers to help ensure smoother care transitions for their patients.

Through a partnership with CitiusTech and Orion Health, KeyHIE’s Information Delivery Service (IDS), provides alerts, notifications and critical patient information to its participating doctors and healthcare providers so they know when and where their patients receive care within the KeyHIE network. What’s more, IDS provides an Accountable Care Organization and health plan with critical patient information in order to better manage chronically ill patients and reduce readmissions.

With IDS, doctors and healthcare providers can decide the quantity of information they wish to receive, including inpatient admission and discharge notifications, emergency admission and discharge notifications, and lab results/clinical documents delivery. In addition, a subscription management portal allows doctors and healthcare providers to update their subscription preferences when it’s convenient for them.

Notifications can be delivered via email or DIRECT email (will provide details on the notification) with documents delivered within the clinician’s DIRECT email or within their own EHR system, if the system permits.

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