Johns Hopkins’ Sibley Memorial Hospital selects RTLS from Versus

Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, D.C., part of Johns Hopkins Medicine, has selected real-time locating system (RTLS) technology for use in the hospital’s new emergency department. The RTLS from Versus Technology, Inc. allows physicians, nurses and ancillary staff to call for help if they feel threatened, while also allowing them to immediately find each other and critical medical equipment.

The issue of workplace violence in healthcare continues to be a national concern. According to the report Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns for 2015 from the ECRI Institute, a non-profit research organization, “managing patient violence” should be a top priority for all healthcare organizations.

Sibley Memorial Hospital’s plan to protect both staff and patients from violence includes a personal panic button for healthcare workers, a feature of the small, lightweight RTLS badges worn by ED physicians, nurses, technicians and others. When the button is pressed, Versus Visibility Staff Assist software immediately alerts security and sends messages to nearby Ascom wireless phones, stating who needs help and exactly where they are, so security and staff can respond immediately.

In addition to enhancing safety, the same RTLS badge also saves staff members precious minutes during the hectic pace of emergency care. To help with enterprise resource management, Versus Visibility Companion displays staff locations on workstations and large screen monitors, reducing time spent searching for one another and making phone calls. Time saved can now be directed toward patient care.

With the Versus Advantages Asset Management software, the system also shows the location of key equipment, including wheelchairs, infusion pumps, ultrasound units and more. Immediately locating needed medical equipment means that patient care can be provided in a more efficient manner, helping the ED meet its goal of treating 40,000 patients per year. In the future, Sibley plans to manage par-level replenishment of asset inventory with the same software to maximize equipment utilization.

Sibley Memorial Hospital’s new 22-bed ED opened in September as part of a larger construction project, occupying the first floor of an eight-story 200-bed inpatient tower that will fully open in summer 2016. Life Safety Solutions Integrators, a Maryland-based Versus Certified System Integrator, is installing the Versus RTLS throughout the new tower and will provide ongoing system support.

Sibley is the second Johns Hopkins Medicine hospital to implement the Versus RTLS. Mike McCarty, a consultant with Hospital Integration Services, implemented Versus at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore and is currently overseeing the installation at Sibley.

“The Versus RTLS allows hospitals the flexibility to start with simple applications, such as staff or asset locating,” McCarty remarks. “When the hospital is ready to expand into more complex use cases, the Versus system is fully capable of supporting par-level asset management, hand hygiene monitoring, and patient workflow automation.”

To learn more about the many way to leverage the Versus RTLS, visit us at one of the upcoming conferences listed at, or download or educational white paper, 14 Ways RTLS Drives Improvement in Healthcare Operations.

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