Innovative use of health information exchange on patient-centered research is the focus of Healthix presentation at HIMSS15

Thomas F. Check and Lorraine Fernandes will share their perspective on the value and innovative use of health information exchange (HIE) to the 2015 Annual HIMSS Conference and Exhibition in Chicago, April 12-16, 2015. The speakers will co-present: "Trust in Regional Exchange Supports Patient-Centered Research," a session that illustrates the novel use of HIE and the fabric of trust created across a community of stakeholders to drive research in New York State. The session will take place on Thursday, April 16 at 12:00 Noon CDT (Session #215 in Conference Room N426). More than 38,000 healthcare industry professionals are expected at the conference, where they will learn about and discuss health IT issues, and view industry solutions.

As a HIMSS15 presenter, Mr. Check is enthusiastic to share the stage with Ms. Fernandes, who brings IBM's analytics and data management expertise to the success of HIE in New York. "We are delighted for this opportunity to present, from a technical, policy and governance perspective, how New York State's investment in health information exchange could be leveraged to play a key role in linking patients across a community of providers and de-identifying patient data to support a broad research initiative," Mr. Check stated. "A prerequisite for the project's success was working within a multi-stakeholder governance structure to propose solutions, engender trust and gain consensus on a viable approach for accessing millions of records while safeguarding patient privacy." 

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