Infinite ROI: The Culture of Walnut Hill Medical Center

When we sought out hospitals with strong reputations for innovative healthcare IT, Walnut Hill Medical Center in Dallas was at the top of our list. After all, when it opened last year, Forbes named it The Hospital that Steve Jobs Would Have Built. We knew it had to possess a treasure trove of practices relative to dealing with the most complicated information management systems, cumbersome electronic medical records and daunting population health goals. While our investigation unearthed an abundance of cutting-edge approaches at Walnut Hill, what we found to be most impressive was that the organization is clearly built on culture, not technology. Regardless of the latest high-tech advances or the newest government regulations to meet, Walnut Hill adamantly places the needs of its patients squarely in the center of all its decision making. This keen attention to patient-centered approaches goes way beyond impacting its use of technology as it also serves as the organization's chief criteria for selecting employees, working with government officials and finding vendor partners.

Below is the record of my conversation with Walnut Hill's new Chief Information Officer, Aaron Miri, and Dr. Rich Guerra, a cardiologist and a key, long-term contributor to the organization's patient-centered culture. 

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