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Implicity Study Presented in Late-Breaking Clinical Trial Session at Heart Rhythm 2023

Implicity, a leader in remote patient monitoring and cardiac data management solutions, announced the findings of a study presented during a late-breaking clinical trial session at the Heart Rhythm Society’s (HRS) annual meeting.

The research was conducted in collaboration with the French government’s Health Data Hub, using a nationwide database of health information from more than 68,000 patients. Implicity linked real-world data from patients with cardiac implantable electronic devices (CIEDs) to various remote monitoring (RM) methods, comparing differences in mortality rates, number of annual hospitalizations per patient, and cumulative duration of hospital stays in a year. 

The results showed significant disparities in mortality rates based on the method of RM utilized. While all patients with RM experienced improved survival rates, Implicity’s universal, alert-based remote monitoring platform was associated with a greater performance compared to historical manufacturers’ solutions (Abbott, Boston Scientific, Medtronic).

Notably, patients monitored with Implicity’s platform experienced a remarkable 22% relative improvement in all cause mortality when compared with conventional RM methods, even after adjusting for confounding factors such as age, gender, CIED type, year of implant and center size. Additionally, the study revealed a significant reduction in both the number of annual hospitalizations per patient (-4%) and cumulative duration of hospital stay within a year (-6%), further validating that alert-based systems like Implicity’s can lead to superior patient outcomes in cardiac care.

“We already know that remote patient monitoring saves lives. What data from this study shows is that clinical improvements vary a lot depending on how remote monitoring is performed. We saw significant improvement in mortality rates but also a decrease in hospitalizations when clinicians were supported by the Implicity platform rather than device manufacturer systems alone. This shows that the most committed teams with the best tools have the potential to achieve a better outcome for these patients. What’s remarkable is that these results occurred even before we launched our unique AI algorithms, so we can hope for even better results down the road,” said Implicity CEO and co-founder, Arnaud Rosier, MD, PhD.