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Altamont Software Announces Application to Automate the Management of Medical Imaging Measurement Data Saving Radiologists’ Time

Altamont Software, a provider of enterprise medical imaging connectivity solutions announces the ability to automatically capture and insert DICOM Structured Report (SR) data into a radiologists report. Passport SR streamlines the process of capturing DICOM Structured Report (DICOM SR) measurement data and ensures it is inserted into the correct fields in any reporting application.

Automating this process improves radiologist productivity by eliminating the need to manually enter measurement data. It also reduces the risk of incorrect data being entered into the report and saves technologists’ time by eliminating manual data capture processes. Passport SR can also be paired with electronic forms functionality to allow users to add additional information to the report.

Passport SR enables the following benefits to be realized:

Improved Data Quality

  • Provides the technologist a way to correct inaccurate data and input additional information, including custom data fields, via electronic forms.

Saves Time

  • Saves technologist and radiologist time by automatically incorporating numerical data in a standardized format and by eliminating the dictation of measurements.

Superior Report Quality

  • Makes it easy to include quantitative measurement data where previously there was none.
  • Ensures the correct and accurate measurements are used in clinical decision-making.

RadNet, the largest imaging center chain in the U.S., shared their success as an early adopter of Passport SR in a new case study that is available here. After implementing Passport SR in Ultrasound they were able to improve radiologists’ Ultrasound reporting efficiency by 25% and reduce ultrasound-related clinical data errors by 27%.

“Any time data management and workflow can be automated, and human intervention eliminated, data accuracy improves significantly,” remarks Ranjan Jayanathan, Chief Information Officer at RadNet. “Altamont is helping us automate clinical workflows that improve the productivity of our clinical staff and the quality of our services.”

Altamont Software will be demonstrating Passport SR along with their entire suite of document, eForms, photo and video capture applications at the upcoming Radiologic Society of North America (RSNA) Annual Meeting. Altamont Software will be in Booth # 7810 – North Hall. Click here to schedule time at RSNA to learn how Passport SR can improve radiologist and technologist productivity.

Passport SR, like all Altamont Software products was built on their modern Connectivity Platform, which embraces an enterprise approach to medical imaging workflow management. It can save time and money and enables healthcare organizations to realize the following benefits:

  • Simplified management of your medical imaging input/output accessories.
  • Less time managing a multi-product enterprise implementation.
  • Easy access to operational insights about the usage of all systems on the network.
  • Reduced need for training on new products as they are adopted.