Iatric Systems launches Analytics on Demand, giving healthcare providers timely clinical quality data for value-based care

Iatric Systems, today launched Analytics on Demand. This new analytics solution helps healthcare organizations transition to valuebased care by rapidly delivering clinical and financial data needed to achieve incentives and avoid penalties, all while positively impacting patient care. Analytics on Demand includes pre-built dashboards, deploys quickly, and immediately delivers key decision-making data in both ambulatory and hospital settings, providing a clearer picture of overall performance.

Unlike other analytics or data warehouse solutions that can take months or years to show a return on investment, Analytics on Demand delivers value in a matter of weeks. Iatric Systems maps target data from the provider’s operational systems to the EHR-agnostic Analytics on Demand system, where data is presented to users on pre-built dashboards. Analytics on Demand methodology allows providers to accurately track and analyze data quickly so clinicians can use it to change patient outcomes. Analytics on Demand will help healthcare organizations meet important value-based care objectives and performance metrics. Current modules include:

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