How virtual house calls improve patient experience and health outcomes

In today’s increasingly digital economy, consumers can complete an online bank transfer, order a coffee (to skip the line when they arrive), purchase shoes and catch up on their friend’s social media activity, all while using a rideshare service they scheduled with an app ten minutes ago.

Digital technology has made it possible for them to get what they want when they want it, regardless of where they are when they decide they want it – until they want to see a healthcare provider.

Upon attempting to schedule a traditional in-office appointment with a medical provider, it wouldn’t be uncommon for a would-be patient to discover the first available appointment is three weeks and a gas guzzling two-hour drive away.

An increasingly aging population coupled with a shortage of healthcare providers has created a growing demand for doctors that, until recently, often meant a lower standard of customer service in the healthcare industry. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Now patients and providers have the option of utilizing digital technology to schedule and attend virtual appointments, saving both of them time and money. Virtual visits can drastically improve patient experience and healthcare outcomes in a number of ways: patients can schedule an appointment more quickly, the appointment itself can be expedited, they do not have to travel to the medical provider and the appointment is often less expensive.

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